Teacher mentorship

Dance City’s Teacher Mentorship Program is the perfect personal development opportunity for dancers in our Competitive and Pre-Professional programs that are looking to take on a bigger role within the studio. Student Helpers are extremely important in the classroom, as it allows our dancers to have more hands-on training and corrections, and helps our classes run more smoothly.

How it works

Dancers in this Program will…

  • Attend a 3.5-hour kick-off retreat at the beginning of the dance season
  • Attend mandatory personal development workshops every two months throughout the dance season to be inspired by amazing guest speakers, discuss how to provide the highest standards in dance educator and continuously progress as teaching staff at our studio
  • Train in the studio by shadowing our Dance Educators throughout the dance season
  • Be educated on Dance City’s values as well as teaching styles and techniques
  • Learn how to work with students of all levels and needs for various stages of development

After a year of shadowing Dance Educators, dancers may be selected to become a permanent member of our faculty as a Student Helper. Being a Student Helper may lead to being a Student Assistant, which may lead to a teaching career at Dance City as a Dance Educator!

Student Benefits

Students that participate in this Program will…

  • Learn what it means to be a leader both inside and outside the studio
  • Gain work experience that can be included on their resume
  • Be a role model everywhere you go (remember, as a Student Helper your reputation follows you everywhere — including social media!)
  • Be required to be responsible as you work with children
  • Be surrounded by a faculty of passionate Dance Educators and work in an amazing environment
  • Develop organizational and time management skills
  • Have the opportunity to take initiative and additional responsibility around the studio
  • Be a role model for hundreds of children in the Dance City family

Does this sound like the perfect opportunity that you can’t pass up on? Apply today!