Competitive Program

Ages 6 to 18 years

Our Competitive Program focuses on building a strong technical foundation through mandatory dance examination and offers performance opportunities throughout the year. Competitive students receive extensive training in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop and acrobatics dance styles. All dancers are required to take competitive ballet classes each year, working towards exams starting at Grade 1 ballet. Other dance styles are available based on level and experience.

If you are a new competitive student, welcome to Dance City! Please contact us at or 306-757-6495 to set up a meeting with Miss Nadine to discuss class placement. 

For an overview of all of our Competitive program classes please click here.


Based on the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus, our ballet program is the backbone to all of our competitive students’ dance education.


Our tappers step in time to the ADAPT syllabus with the option to also learn the Canadian Dance Teachers’ Association syllabus to supplement their repertoire.


Jazz training is centered around the ADAPT jazz syllabus and focuses on both performance and technique… with the perfect blend of jazz hands!

Lyrical & Contemporary

These dance styles are a fusion of ballet, jazz and modern and challenges dancers to use motion to interpret the music and express emotion.

Hip Hop

This dance style offers our dancers the opportunity to let loose and have a blast through positive, upbeat and energetic movement.


Our acro classes focus on teaching our dancers to perform acrobatic tricks with strength, flexibility and technique in choreographed routines.