Our acro classes focus on teaching our dancers to perform acrobatic tricks with strength, flexibility and technique in choreographed routines.



A combination of dance, limbering and floor tumbling, to emphasize strength, balance and flexibility. This class is highly recommended for the competitive and/or pre-professional jazz dancer. Classes run from September to June but do not participate in the year end recital or competition. The main purpose for this class is for continuous training and strengthening throughout the dance season. Students must be 6 years of age to participate in this class and enrolled in either Pre-Exam Combo or a competitive/pre-professional jazz class to participate. Students will be placed in a level based on the discretion of Dance City faculty. Acrobatic Arts Examinations are an option.

Dress Code: Girls

Shoes: Bare feet

Apparel: Ballet bodysuit

Tights: Mondor #314 tights (convertible and rolled up)

Hair: Ballet bun

Dress Code: Boys

Shoes: Bare feet

Apparel: Black shorts and white fitted t-shirt or muscle shirt

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